How e-mail forwarders can help

Keeping up with all the inquiries or correspondence between your business and customers can be challenging. Vital internal communication can also get drowned by the noise especially when everything is coming into the same inbox. This is where email forwarding can help.

Email forwarding, also known as email redirects, allows you to create a custom email address and then redirect all messages that come to this address to a more personal account. For example, if you have a customer service email like, it may be difficult to keep tabs on all the messages that come into the inbox, especially outside office hours.

This is even more so when you have a log into the webmail portal provided by your hosting provider to read the emails. In many cases, such portals are far from user-friendly, increasing the probability of missing out on important emails.

With email forwarding, however, you can redirect all emails to a personal email you are more comfortable with, such as

Email forwarding provides a wide range of benefits. You never have to worry about missing important emails or managing multiple email accounts. Get started with our Zimbabwe E-mail Hosting Solution today!