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Google First Page Ranking

“Guaranteed First Page Ranking!” If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to handle your SEO, you’ve probably come upon a few that make this claim. You might have even seen the question, “Can you guarantee first page rankings?” in lists of questions to ask prospective SEO consultants. When buying a refrigerator, a guarantee is good to have. When a digital marketing agency guarantees first-page rankings, it’s a sign that you should steer clear.


Why can’t SEO guarantees be made?

This is because we, or any other SEO company, cannot control how Google ranks websites. As Google makes changes to their algorithm SEO companies do their best to understand what changes were made and modify your website to give Google what they want. At Netcom Zimbabwe we use very intelligent guesses as to what strategies to use, but we still do not know for sure and cannot control Google.


Organic Search Listings

These are the natural search results, and what your long-term focus should be. Google uses complex algorithms that take into account over 200 different factors in order to determine the ranking of a website for a given search result. The higher your website quality ranking (according to Google) is, the higher your ranking will be. Of course, the more competitive an industry is, the more difficult it is to achieve top rankings.


Google Ads (Paid Listings)

PPC ads are ads that businesses buy through Google Ads to promote or sell their products and services. Every time a user clicks on one of these ads, they are taken to that business website. Businesses pay Google each time a user clicks on their ad (hence Pay Per Click). This can cost anywhere from $0.20 to $50 and beyond per click. It is all dependent on how competitive that particular industry is. A Google algorithm determines the order of ads in the paid section. This algorithm is based on the amount a business is willing to pay for their ad and the ‘quality score’ of their website. Depending on your budget, this is an avenue you may wish to explore in order to get instant results in the form of paid ads.


Can I Get High Rankings for a Certain Phrase?

In order to get a high ranking in the natural listings, Google must deem you an authority on your targeted phrase. The more generalized the search term is, the more difficult it will be to rank. For example, ‘Harare pet grooming’ is a lot easier to rank for than simply ‘pet grooming’. Google does not let people know what their ranking algorithm is, however with research, testing, and experience, industry professionals all agree that the following are all extremely important factors:

  • The number and quality of inbound links
  • Website title, headings & keyword usage
  • Local reviews & testimonials
  • Social media mentions and clicks
  • Site speed
  • Amount of content (and how fresh it is)
  • Site structure


At Netcom Zimbabwe, we employ industry best practices when developing your website.


Sorry - No Guaranteed SEO Services, Rankings or Results

In conclusion, reputable SEO companies absolutely cannot, should not guarantee Google rankings of any kind. Be sure to choose the best SEO company based on your research and due diligence. Unfortunately, there is no magic “SEO Button” that we press to attain high rankings. However, what we can do is pay attention to the ranking algorithm and its updates and constantly be working on ways to improve a website’s ranking. This in turn will help build your website into something that has the best chance for success.

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