Web hosting gimmicks to avoid

The importance of web hosting for your online presence cannot be overemphasized. Just like backlinks and link building, web hosting significantly affects your website. Choosing the right web hosting company and the right plan is important for your online presence. As a business or brand, it will affect your reputation. A single downtime during crucial hours can ruin everything you have achieved in many years.

Are you looking to get a web hosting account, or are you already a website owner having issues with web hosting? We have a few suggestions that may help you. Here are five web hosting tricks and tips that can assist you in different ways.

Avoid Free Web Hosting

The best things in life may be free, but that doesn’t work with web hosting. While there are companies that offer free hosting for newbies, it is not recommended if you want to be serious with your website. To start, you will be limited to using their domain name, and there will be further restrictions on space and advertising with little or no support. Unless you want to run a small hobby website, avoid free hosting services.

Don’t Fall for the ‘Free Domain’ Gimmick

Some web hosts attract unsuspecting individuals with free domain names. Just like acquiring harmful backlinks, it can affect your website negatively. In most instances, the company will retain ownership of the domain, meaning you are either stuck with them or will have to pay a hefty sum if you want to buy back the domain, which is your online identity. You may also be surprised to find out that the cost of renewing a free domain is exorbitant. Do not choose a web host just because it offers a free domain.

Don’t Ignore the Bandwidth and Disk Space Terms

Many newbies, especially those searching for shared web hosting, ignore bandwidth and disk space terms when they are choosing a web hosting company. You shouldn’t make such a mistake as it can affect so many things about your website. Restrictions can affect the speed of your site. You may also be asked to pay a hefty sum when your website exceeds the bandwidth quota.

Research Web Hosting Companies

You need to know your potential web hosting company well before choosing them over other available options. Conduct extensive research to know all about the company and the quality of its services.

Don’t Rush into Long-Term Contracts

Many web hosting companies will seek to tie you down to a long-term contract, offering significant discounts in some cases. As much as you can, avoid long-term contracts unless you have used a particular company for a while and trust their services.


Good web hosting proceeds link building and ultimately determines many things about your online presence. Even before you get to the level of acquiring backlinks, make sure your web hosting is top-notch. Above all, ensure that you research about the web hosting company before choosing them. By following the above tips, you can make the right decision for your website.